Brain Spa

Brain Spa 3.6

Brain Spa is a entertaining windows game from Legacy Interactive
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Legacy Interactive

Brain Spa is a game of puzzles developed by Legacy Interactive in conjunction with UbiSoft. The game includes several mind games that are designed to challenge your mental reflexes. The best thing about this game is how the challenges are presented. The developers could have just used a menu where you selected some generic mind games and started playing them trying to reach high-scores. But they didn't. What they did is added a very nice background for the games. Although this background will appeal more to children, it is good enough for everyone.

You are a citizen of Brainville and you must stroll around the city helping other people with their tasks. These tasks are the mind games that you must perform. As the city is brand new, you must first complete some games in order to access the new places. There is also a Daily test of abilities so you can test your brain power; this test also allows you to see the progress your mind has had during the course of the game. This is a great game that is worth its money; however, there is also a promotion at the website to get the game for free. It cannot get better than this.

Ismael Mireles
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